Wood Fencing in Brandon, FL

Add a Classic Wood Fence to Your Property

Our team offers wood fence installation services in the Brandon, FL area

When you picture a traditional wood fence, you might imagine a white picket fence, tall privacy fence or vine-covered lattice fence. Any of these fences can add a classic look to your property and offer additional privacy and security.

TNA Fencing LLC provides residential and commercial wood fence installation services. Our team in Brandon, FL serves all areas surrounding Tampa Bay. Explore the full range of options, from vertical-board to picket fence installation services, with us.

Which types of fences can we install?

With more than 11 years of experience, we're prepared to install any type of wood fence on your property with ease. You can hire us to install a:

Picket fence, with pointed pickets
Post-and-rail fence, with rails on widely spaced posts
Lattice fence, with intersecting pieces of lath
Louver fence, with overlapping horizontal boards
Vertical-board fence, with overlapping vertical boards

Each type of fence offers a different appearance, degree of privacy and level of security. Today, ask our company's owner about a suitable option for your wood fence installation project, such as a picket fence installation project.